During ancient times, when I first began making primitives, I used Ragamuffin Primitives to describe this thing that I was exploring and learning about.  Years later, I was living within walking distance of the Cave Creek boat ramp on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, and returned to making primitives after many years of doing other things.  Yup, I'm OLD!

RMP had been shelved for a long time, so Cave Creek naturally was the more logical choice for a name.

I thought I wanted to retire from making primitives in 2015 and found a new owner for Cave Creek.  Retirement didn't work - once you get enough cinnamon and coffee stain in your blood, I guess it's there to stay. 

Eight months later - I retired from retirement. Since the CCP name now belonged to someone else, I decided to revive Ragamuffin Prims, and here we are. Sort of full circle!

Beyond that it's all semantics.  It's the same me, same quality prims, same quirky original creations - with a new twist to some of my older, original designs.


Cookie Mouse

Needless to say, I love making primitives.  All of the items you find here are my original designs unless otherwise stated in the descriptions.  Each one is handmade by me alone, and quality is of utmost importance to me. 

That being said, please remember these creations are primitives.  Loose threads, asymmetrical shapes, ragged seams and other quirky traits are intentional and part of the design. 

Ragamuffin Prims are intended as primitive art, home décor and collectibles.  They are not intended as toys and are not suitable for small children.  Many have small parts like buttons, safety pins, or attached pieces.  Please enjoy them as part of your primitive décor.

Please note the primitive stain I use is my own concoction and may contain coffee, cinnamon, and various spices and secret ingredients. If you have allergies or need more info, please contact me and I can certainly make something especially for you.

Thanks for visiting and taking time to learn more about me.  I hope my creations make you smile.